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How to Teach English

An article talking about a question many educators ask or have asked before- how to teach English. Explore the art of teaching English and learn how to find your style today. Click Here

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Language Teaching Strategies

There are many different elements to teaching and this is where educators can find various strategies regarding learning theory, classroom management, and lesson planning. Click Here

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Build A Website

The place for educators to find out how to build their own website. Experience not necessary as we discuss everything needed. Click Here

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Mantras of Tesol Class

      • Tesol Class wants ESL and EFL educators to instruct according to their own style
      • Tesol Class is not interested in promoting a certain teaching philosophy, but to provide content that allows for deep reflection on personal philosophy
      • All ESL/EFL educators are on path of development, and it does not matter where you are now, but how far you have come since you began.
      • The best way to develop as an educator is to explore different methods- no matter how uncomfortable it might be.
      • “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking” George S Patton.