Big Bang Theory Characters

sheldonSheldon: Extremely brilliant theoretical physicists whose main concern is his work and what he likes. He does not understand social situations or sarcasm. Sheldon’s charm as a character comes from being so smart, but yet so dumb when it comes to interacting with people. Sheldon can be seen as being selfish.


leonardLeonard: Sheldon’s roommate and a brilliant experimental physicists. He understands social norms, but is socially awkward with normal people. Leonard is a great guy who comes from a high achieving family, but lacks confidence in his life outside of work.



PennyPenny: Beautiful mid-western neighbor who moves to California to become an actress. She becomes friends with Sheldon and Leonard and has to help them become more socially acceptable. Penny is stuck between being responsible and a party girl- especially in earlier seasons.



HowardHoward: A skinny aerospace engineer who tries unsuccessfully to be a ladies man. His character is a “momma’s boy” who still lives at home with his very large and loud mother.



RajRaj: An astrophysicist from India who is a very nice person, but becomes mute around women. His social anxiety around women can only be cured by alcohol.



amyAmy: A neurobiologist  who is similar to Sheldon with a the social understanding of Leonard. Amy is plain looking and admires Penny for her beauty and ability to interact with people with ease. Amy loves Sheldon and becomes his girlfriend, but their relationship is most mental with no physical interaction.


bernieBernadette: A waitress with Penny at the Cheesecake factor and a graduate student in microbiology, Bernadette is a small squeaky voice character who seems very soft, but can be very hard and loud at times.