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Educators are always trying to find ways to engage students with information outside of the classroom. There are many options and strategies in the classroom, but the only way to reach students outside the classroom has been through archaic pen and paper homework, until recently. Is there a way to change the dynamic and provide students with a fresh way to interact with information?

Yes, build a website. Most educators believe it requires programming and coding ability to create a website, but that is far from the truth. The boom of the internet and technology over the last fifteen years has made easy for computer novices to start an educational website.

Building a website has a learning curve just like any new endeavor, but it is nothing too big to manage. There will be times when it will be overwhelming with the information regarding what is needed and what is not, so TesolClass wants to provide information and products to make building a website easy; thus more energy can be spent on developing content.

We are affiliates to some of the services we promote, which means we will receive a commission if people purchase the product or service. However, we receive no benefits or compensation for most of the products or services presented in our recommendations. Tesolclass does not, and will never, recommend anything solely for monetary gain. If something changes with these products or services in terms of quality in future, we will make changes to our recommendations. That’s our promise to you!

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