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Once creating a website, it is important to think how the content will be delivered to the students. With students being as connected with technology as they are today, there are more creative ways to deliver information than through reading. Videos are a great way to engage students and have them recall information. It is possible to place videos from Youtube or any video hosting service into a lesson, but educators have the option of making their own videos to use in lessons. This website has utilized two video creation programs which have received high praise from the students and other educators.

Disclaimer: TesolClass an affiliate member of these programs, so if you purchase from these companies, we will receive a commission. This commission does not influence any reviews or evaluation regarding the products. Tesolclass strives to provide honest assessments to help educators create a great website for students.


Everyone has seen the whiteboard videos where an artist draws and a narrator tells a story. These videos really engage the viewers as it combines art with storytelling. Many people, like myself, do not possess the ability to draw well, so does that mean we are unable to produce appealing videos? No, Sparkol is a website that allows people with no art experience to become masters of art and storytelling. Here is a video we made using Sparkol.


  • Extremely easy to learn and make videos.
  • Extensive library of images and can import SVG images (free at InkScape) to be traced.
  • Reasonably priced subscriptions.
  • Great customer service.
  • Extremely ease to make videos- did I mention that??


  • Recoding audio can be very difficult process. Until I found a better way, recording audio went like this.
  1. Create the video and write out the script at the same time.
  2. Export the video with no sound to the computer.
  3. Open up the exported video in a video player and press record on the Sparkol website.
  4. Record the message. If there is a mistake, it has to be discarded and rerecorded.
  5. After the audio has been recorded, go back through the video and adjust the drawing to the recording

I really hope in the future Sparkol implements a feature to record snippets and insert them into the video. Another way to insert audio would be to record the snippets in Audacity, combine them together, and then import the file and adjust the timing. Unfortunately, I didn’t figure out this option until I started using Powtoons.

My students in my Practical Teaching course at the university like the whiteboard videos for a brief overview of the theories we learn in class. The students tend to remember more from the videos than the actual text. I actually love the videos and will make longer more in-depth videos in the future using Sparkol. Click the banner below to find out more information. They also have a free trial and video tutorials for beginners.


Powtoon is another great video creation program that is used on It offers the ability to write text using a hand like Sparkol, but it will not draw the art. Powtoon is an easy to learn program with multiple purchasing plans from single person to educational institutions. Here is a video made using PowToon.


  • Easy to learn and use. Basically drag and drop.
  • Great art and some animations to make presentations look great.
  • Great discounts for educators and schools.
  • Students are really engaged
  • Make videos in a short amount of time.
  • Educational plans are reasonably priced


  • Some plans can be very expensive.
  • Cannot import graphics like Sparkol.
  • Recording audio can be a problem like Sparkol- unless Audacity is used and imported.

PowToon is a wonderful program to use for student learning. Either by having the students watch videos, or by having them create their own videos for projects. Click the first banner below to find out more about the professional packages available for the individual, or the second banner for information for schools.