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Creating Courses

Creating courses for students can be easy and simple with the right software. Unfortunately, not all software is easy to use or coded correctly to maintain site speed. At TesolClass.com, we actually bought a couple “courseware” programs until we found LearnDash. It is honestly the best of all options available, and the periodical updates are making the ability to deliver professional courses better than ever. If anyone wants to know alternatives, please email us, but I promise this is the best one made for WordPress!

LearnDash is not a free plugin, but the money spent is well worth all the features it provides. The plugin costs $99 for the basic package, or $119 for the ProPanel package which allows the educator to manage assignments from the dashboard.

Note: We are not an affiliate of LearnDash and receive no compensation for writing this review.


  • Create multiple style quizzes such as single choice, multiple choice, free text choice, sorting choice, matrix choice, fill-in-the-blank, and survey. Quizzes can be made with multiple question styles.
  • Use audio and video in lessons and quizzes.
  • Time limits can be set for questions.
  • View statistics for questions, individuals, or groups. Also, enable statistics during the quiz and students can see where they rank according to the averages.
  • Block progression of the course unless the students achieve a desired percentage. If the educator wants the students to achieve at least 80% before progressing, the students will have to retake the quizzes until they reach this mark.
  • Drip feed content. This allows the student to sign up, and receive lessons at predetermined times. For example, if the educator wants students to receive a new lesson every seven days, then the new lesson will appear on the seventh day. Drip time can be adjusted to any time frame.
  • Receive scores through emails when students finish quizzes.
  • Assign points or various points to each question.
  • Upload assignment button for students to prepare papers and upload them to the administrator of the website.
  • Allow for students to attain different levels and certificates based on points or courses completed.
  • After purchase, there are multiple training videos to help with any problem areas.
  • Customer Service is the best I have experienced. Justin Ferriman, Founder, has personally emailed me and assisted me by personally going to my site to find the problem after several emails failed to fix the problem. It was a code problem on their end that was quickly fixed the next day. Super impressed by the customer service.
  • There are many other great aspects not covered in this list that are available for educators to use. It really allows the educator to build courses the way they want and need.


  • If you want to provide different memberships, then another plugin has to be downloaded to handle this part. However, LearnDash has partnered with PaidMembershipsPro (free and paid versions) and everything integrates well, but it would be nice not to have to download another plugin.

LearnDash is the best possible solution for everything educators need to deliver courses students can enjoy. It is absolutely an amazing course for the money. I do not utilize LearnDash to its full potential, but there is peace of mind knowing that the ability to do more is only a few key strokes away. Click the picture below to view a demo website and find out more about LearnDash as a program.