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When it comes to designing a website, it’s good to have nice professional pictures. It is possible to go to Google and download free images, but many times the picture quality is lacking or there are huge watermarks. There are times when Google images provides what is needed, but professional pictures provide the perception of a quality product.

There are many websites available to purchase professional photos such as isostock, shutterstock, fotolia, etc… Yet, despite all the choices, one fact remains true- it is so EXPENSIVE to buy professional photos! One photo can cost $50!! This is outrageous and not worthwhile for most educators. There are better ways to to spend that money, but there is one place that is affordable and carries all pictures found on the aforementioned sites.

The best place to buy professional pictures online is Here are the pros and cons of using, so make sure read the information below if you want professional pictures for a website.

Note: We are not an affiliate of We do not receive any type of compensation for this review or recommending their services. It is solely based off the positive experiences we have had with the products and services provided.


  • one month subscription plan for $69
  • download 5 photos a day of any size on this subscription
  • photos stay in your account for one year, so if there is a need to download again, they are there
  • one month provides you with 150 photos for the price of one or two at the other sites
  • Has the same images as the other photo websites


  • Plan ahead in regards to what kind of photos needed, because after the first few days, it will become difficult to think of photo needs. It will be beneficial to spend a few days making a list of subjects covered and images needed. To maximize the great opportunity to gather professional pictures for a reasonable price, a little planning goes a long ways.
  • There is a 24 hour deadline. If the daily five photos are not downloaded during this time period, those photos are forfeited. is the best place to buy professional pictures on the internet. Nonetheless, to take advantage of the great offer, make sure to plan out what kind of photos will be needed. We suggest to make an account, spend a few days searching and saving photos, and then joining and downloading the saved images.

Photo Editing

Once selecting pictures, there will be a need to edit them for certain needs. In WordPress, it is possible to change the size of pictures before or after inserting them onto the webpage. However, there will be times when pictures need text, become headers, or other types of alterations. Two programs will help tremendously if  Photoshop is not an option. They are and

Note: We am not an affiliate of these photo editing sites. They are free sites that are open for everyone to use. We do not receive any type of compensation for this review or recommending their services. It is solely based off the positive experiences we have had with the products and services provided.


Pixlr is a great tool to crop, edit, add text, combine multiple images, and create .png images. When arriving on the homepage, just open up Pixlr Editor and this will provide everything needed to alter photos. If there are any problems on how to perform certain functions, search Google and there is a whole community dedicated to helping individuals learn how to use Pixlr. Pixlr has a small learning curve, but once the basics have been learned, it will be a great tool for any website. Click here to go to Pixlr.


Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor. The program is downloadable from the webpage and there are plenty of tools available for the beginner. There is a tutorial section on the site, and Google videos has a lot of tutorials available to help beginners learn the basics. Also, there is a library of free vector art that is royalty free and can be used in presentation software like Sparkol which will is discussed in our Create Videos section. Inkscape is a great free substitute for Adobe Photoshop. The header for this website was made using Inkscape for free. Click her to go to Inkscape.

Final Thoughts

Finding professional pictures for a website doesn’t have to be an expensive process. With a little planning, it will be easy to make the website look professional and appealing to the participants. In addition to the pictures, creating and altering pictures with the free programs above can provide great looking results with no cost. As with all new software and programs, there will be a learning curve, but Google videos has many resources to help people with a desire to learn to become proficient.