Publishing Platforms

There is no competition as to which publishing platform should be used: hands down it is WordPress! WordPresss has two versions, and Don’t let this become confusing, because if anyone is serious about starting a website to help learning, then will be needed to maximize student potential. Here is a quick link to WordPress to show the differences. WordPress com vs org is useful for those educators who want to start a blog or share pictures. There will be no hosting fees as it is hosted on the WordPress network. It is free, but WordPress will run ads on the website to make revenue to cover the cost for hosting services. Also, with the free version, there is a limit on design, but the biggest problem is plugins can’t be installed on the website. Plugins will be key for functionality and allowing students to gain the most out of the website. allows the freedom to create the site the educator envisions. This version is also free, but it will not be hosted by WordPress, so hosting services must be used which will cost a little money. See our article on hosting services. With this little expenditure comes a lot of freedom to create a high functioning site. allows the freedom to add plugins, advertise, and even do coding to alter the website. Even if one can’t code, that’s okay, downloadable plugins provide everything needed. WordPress has the largest community of programmers offering free or paid plugins to help make any site more functional.

Disclaimer: WordPress is a free publishing platform. receives no compensation for recommending or evaluating their services.

Both of the hosting options we reviewed actually have very easy 1-click install options once signed up. Click here for hosting options.

Here are instillation videos from both Bluehost and HostGator to show you how simple it is to set up a website. It is as simple as purchasing the hosting service, registering a domain name at the time of purchase or entering one already purchased, and using the 1-click download of WordPress. It is really that simple. Check out the videos below to see how easy it can be.

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By following the videos above, this process will be easy and painless. Once this has been set up, it is time to choose a theme and plugins to make the website functional and provide the content needed for the students.