bigstock-business-people-group-have-edu-32295824Business English Conversation Course 1

This course has been designed around three features: 1) What to say, 2) When to say it, and 3) How to say it. English speaking in general requires the speaker to know these three features; however, it is much more important when speaking business English. This course will allow you to understand and speak English with appropriate stress and tone to make your message clear. Likewise, you will be able to differentiate the context and recognize which type of language and actions are appropriate. In this course, you will learn how delivery influences what the listener hears, greeting people and groups, introducing people or groups to one another, making small talk within the business setting, and how to build a rapport with your work colleagues. With engaging delivery, information, and animation, you have no choice but to learn!

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UDEMY IMAGE  TESOL Teacher Training: Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

This is an online course that helps educators understand how second language applies to student learning, the classroom, and the educator’s teaching. It is similar to our Applying SLA section, but with a ton of information and exercises to help you understand what the theories say and how they apply. There is also a discussion board to speak with other professional educators to ask questions and share your experiences and strategies. We want to build a community of educators who care about improving and helping each other. The course is hosted on Udemy for $30.

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